Power Casino a.s. is one of the most notable companies on the Czech market in the entertainment industry. Our casinos can be found all over the Czech Republic. For a great gaming experience, we offer an exclusive environment, complete customer service, the most modern and popular video lottery terminals and live play. Instant payout of winnings and discretion are a matter of course with us.


The gambling area is part of life, as is food and drink. Most people are able to enjoy casino entertainment. A high percentage of all adults can play completely unconcerned and without any problems.
Not only substances can cause addiction. In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of people addicted not to drugs and alcohol, but to addictive activities. Therefore, these addictions are called “non-substance” or “process”. These include, for example, communication technologies addiction, social networks addiction and, above all, pathological gambling and betting.

As a significant and respectable company, Sportgames a.s. pays attention to the above problems and tries to prevent them in their establishments. The most important thing is the satisfaction of our client, which is naturally associated with our qualities in the area of customer service and the creation of an optimal gaming environment.



Power Casino a.s. is fully aware of the importance of personal data protection in modern society. We are equally aware of the size of this topic, where we are not only concerned with the personal data of our clients, but also of our employees, business partners, their representatives and possibly other individuals. As our company processes personal data within the meaning of the Czech legal system in the course of its business activities, it is our obvious goal to ensure proper protection of this data, as well as to develop this protection appropriately using modern technologies and procedures. In this sense, our company’s goal is certainly not only to meet the minimum requirements set by the Czech legal order, but to set our own minimum standards of personal data protection, which aim to strengthen the legal status and privacy of the people whose personal data we hold.

We are publishing this statement in order to inform our clients and the general public about the requirements of the new legislation and to inform all individuals about the new possibilities regarding the management of their personal data.